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Have you considered keeping your own bees for honey product, pollination, or business? Whether you’re a hobbyist or a serious business, Hopfoot HoneyBee Farm in Oceanside, California, provides Italian queens and nucleus beehives.


Enjoy the finest local honey when you choose us. Our raw honey is 100% pure, with nothing added or taken away, and no high-heat or force-filtering techniques used. What you buy is exactly what the bees make.


Pollinating crops is arguably the most important step in the lifecycle of plants, and without bees, we wouldn’t have food. Our pollination service helps to ensure the viability of your crops, as well as your garden or farm success.

Our Story

Since 2010, the people of Oceanside, California, and farms around the world have counted on the more than 20 years of experience at Hopfoot HoneyBee Farms to meet their needs. We provide Italian honeybees, hybrid queens, bee packages, nucleus hives, and quality wood wares.
Our farm sits on five acres of land, and our staff takes great pride in caring for the bees, offering advice and assistance, and providing the highest quality products. Most products are shipped within five days, and queens ship the same day. Buying local honey — or local anything — support the local economy, and our honey helps you avoid fake imported honey, ensuring real, natural, safe honey.
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